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Vše co se týká výhradně Nokia N70.
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Nastavení mobilu a PC pro Vodafone (PDF) - obrázek

Nastavení mobilu a PC pro Vodafone (PDF) - obrázek  1.29MB
Nastavení služeb operátora Vodafone. V mobilu i pro PC. Dokumentace ve formátu PDF.

Obsah dokumentů:
Win XP připojeni BT
Win XP připojení DC

Adobe Reader S60 v26 emea - obrázek

Adobe Reader S60 v26 emea - obrázek

AdbeRdr_nokiaS60v26_emea.sis  1.24MB
Reader pro elektronickou literatůru ve formátu PDF. Pro přístroje Nokia N70 je tento SW  FREE
Nokia_N70_patch.SIS  2.27kB
Sometimes your phone might not ring or vibrate when a call is received. There are a few reasons why this might occur:
  1. If you have deleted your ring tone file or changed your MMC card, the phone may not be able to find the ring tone file and therefore cannot play it. Please ensure that your selected ring tone file still exists on the phone or the MMC card.
  2. Complex ring tones (MIDI, AAC, MP3 or WAV files) can sometimes take a long time to load and play. Occasionally when this happens the phone uses a default ring tone setting which may be missing. To ensure this default ring tone is present you can download this patch file and then transfer and install it on your phone. This patch is recommended even if you have not experienced any problem with the ring tone. If your phone shows a security notification when you are installing the file, please ignore it and continue with the installation.

Nokia_N70_Push_to_talk_multilingual_v2.sis  441.03kB
The Nokia Push to talk (PTT) solution often described as a "walkie-talkie" service using mobile phones is a service that makes one-on-one and group conversations possible over a cellular network. Press the button once and everyone can hear you talk - release the button and hear others talking back to you. To be able to use that application, you need to be registered by your service provider and define the PTT settings. You may receive the settings in a special text message from the service provider that offers the PTT service. You can also use the Settings Wizard application for configuration.
Nokia_Wireless_Keyboard_S60_2ndEd.SIS  203.81kB
The Wireless keyboard application enables you to use wireless keyboards to enter text to your S60 2nd edition phone, such as Nokia 6260, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 7610, N70, N72 and N90.

Writing SMS, email and notes becomes a breeze with the help of a full-size keyboard. This application is especially suited for Nokia Wireless keyboard, but it works with wireless keyboards that are based on Bluetooth HID profile.

Installing instructions:
  • Download the file to a compatible PC.
  • Transfer it to your Nokia phone using Nokia Application Installer (included in Nokia PC Suite) and a Nokia Connectivity Cable DKU-2 or Bluetooth wireless connection.
  • For more information on installing applications in your Nokia phone, please see your phone's user guide.

N70_InfoPrint.sis  246.54kB
Don't delete. Print. Romantic notes and important business information: nowadays they come as text messages and email. Don't delete them - print them and save them. With Info Print, you can print a wide variety of content. types, including emails, contact lists, calendars, and notes on Bluetooth wireless technology (Basic Print Profile) enabled printers.
  • Print multimedia and text messages, email, contacts and calendar notes
  • Send via Bluetooth wireless technology to a compatible printer  3.7MB
These complementary videos can be used with Video Editor and Movie Director software in your phone. Please note: Usually preinstalled in phone.

Installing phone software

  • Download the file to a compatible PC. If it is a ZIP file, you may need to extract it manually before continuing.
  • Transfer it to your phone using Nokia PC Suite and a Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-53, Nokia Connectivity Cable DKU-2 or wireless connection.
  • For more information on installing applications in your phone, please see your phone's
    user guide.

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